lunch and book browsing with lovelies

fridaybooksToday was my favorite kind of day, the kind of day when you get out of bed for lunch and then make your way downtown to the bookstore.   My two lovelies and I sat outside in the idyllic courtyard of one of my favorite restaurants and then loafed about in our best book shop reading and talking and recommending and laughing.  Littlest lovely is having fun today affecting a British accent, and she was gabbing away at our table to biggest’s and my hysterical laughter.  She’d been sipping a fancy pomegranate soda and nibbling on the seeds when one fell onto the table.  Out pops mummy, aye cahnt find the sayed.  A mother walking her young daughter past our table smiled at us, her eyes twinkling in a way I understood, like they were saying, isn’t that the sweetest most charming little English girl?  what an adorable accent!  And if you could imagine littlest’s jangly missing-toothed grin and chic little glasses, you would have smirked as you walked past our table, too, listening to her carrying on as if she were Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  We laughed and laughed, and then of course, we bought this heaping stack of books.


what my eight year old’s reading this week


what my ten year old would read tonight if she didn’t have dance class


off the bookshelf and onto the nightstand

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