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As I start to type this, I am sort of feeling like Stephon from SNL, about to say The Bay Area’s Hottest Bookstore is _____ Leigh’s Favorite Books!  This place has everything . . . . Oh, stop me!  Ok.  (hands over mouth, getting serious now)

LeighsMurphy   LeighsStreet   LeighsCafe

I made a quick trip to check out Leigh’s because I am still searching for that summer read that’s going to sweep me away.  This little shop is tucked away on the quaint tree-lined Murphy Street in downtown Sunnyvale, smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley.  And it does have everything.  It’s got a vintage-y welcome sign signaling its historic downtown status.  It’s got a brick pedestrian walk dotted with wrought iron cafe tables and chatting couples in business casual.  Savory smells of curry and roasting coffee beans.  There’s even a little alleyway artisan sweet shop called Chocalatier Desiree with the most delicious salted caramels.  But I came for the books, of course.

Leigh’s is a new and used bookstore, with clean Ikea shelving and a helpful clerk.  What more could you want, right?  She looked around for James Salter’s All That Is and upon discovering they were sold out, offered to recommend some alternatives.  She peeked at what I already had in my arms and reassured me customers had been saying they were great, and when I purchased the two new books, she told me about a resale incentive they have should I choose to return them once I finished.  Obviously she doesn’t know me because who knows if I will ever finish these, but my point:  she was perfect–not too intrusive or pushy at all.

LeighsYayIn addition to a healthy selection of new and paperback titles, this shop also has a small smattering of elegant greeting cards and unique gift items, like these fascinating YAY! magnets.  I’m not a magnet person myself but how could you buy just one–they are so expressively joyful together.

LeighsKids    leighsshelves

And directly next door is the attached literary lounge for little loves, their Bookasaurus.  I will come back with the man I keep.  I would even take my mother-in-law to lunch here.  It is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon.

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