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  i’m always looking for new titles.  what are you loving?

I updated my bookshelf page to reflect the disarray currently on my nightstand.  Nothing grips me at the moment, so I have a towering stack I’m sifting through, reading a page here and there.  Most of these titles below I’m enjoying, but they’re the kind of thing one wanders through rather than devours.  It is springtime after all, and I’m happy to stroll through gardens and lose myself in landscape, literary and otherwise!  Still in search of that summer blockbuster . . . so if you’ve got it . . . .

And if something here looks good, let me know and I’d be happy to pass along . . . .


   either currently in rotation or yawning from the TBR shelf

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  1. I listened to the audiobook for “Almost French” last year, and I really liked it. I liked her next book, too: “All Good Things.” Another good book in the memoir genre is “A Homemade Life.” For summer, I’ve got “All the Light We Cannot See” on my shelf. I know everyone loves it, but I feel a bit daunted. I’m looking for something a bit lighter, I think.

    • Hey there, you! I have also been lukewarm to the prospect of “All the Light” just because I can’t take another WWII story . . . . Let me know if it turns out to be worth it. I’m reading that “Spinster” book, which is good, and will start the “Almost French” after–I can’t wait.

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