all there is, RIP james salter

Children are our crop, our fields, our earth. They are birds let loose into darkness. They are errors renewed.

~ James Salter

I returned home late yesterday evening after an entire day spent in a community theater whilst my biggest love ran through two different dress rehearsals for the dance recitals she will be in this coming weekend.  Well, if I’m honest, I didn’t actually spend the entire day inside the theater.  When I wasn’t there singing along in my seat or trying to push the kids off the stage so I could take my turn, I was making three trips up and down the freeway fetching and carrying and loving.  Loving it all, for sure, but by 9 PM I was feeling a little foggy.  Sometimes a few minutes in a whirling spa can clear the mind, but for people like us, though, it’s mostly storytelling and books that seem to cure any kind of weariness.  And so it was that I found myself sitting at my desk downstairs in my study, wandering into the online bookshop for succor.  [Read more…]

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but books are entirely different

Dear Nick. Never live without beautiful books. Love Mum

Any book lover must read this essay by Nick Bilton published recently in the New York Times.  If you’ve given any thought to decluttering those bookshelves now that you have a kindle or ipad.  If you’ve wondered whether bookstores will be shuttered for good at some point during your lifetime.  If you’ve even one sentimental bone in your body.  Especially if you’re a jotter, a dogearer, a tucker inner of slips of paper, photos, or even grocery lists.  This is one to print out, bookmark, tuck away.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.03.41 PM

this image is a screen shot from twitter

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